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Why We Are LOVING Dried Flowers

16 March
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Here at Suncoast Flowers, alongside our abundance of fresh flowers available, we also use our valued experience of the floral industry to create beautiful dried flower arrangements that are uniquely and stunningly crafted. Here we hope to illuminate some of the amazing benefits of having dried flowers over fresh flowers when enhancing your home.  


What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are a form of flower preservation, meaning that a flower’s beauty and shape is preserved so it can be used as a more permanent home decoration or a meaningful gift, or even as an alternative to fresh wedding flowers. Four central benefits of dried flowers:  


Long Lasting

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of dried flowers is their long-lasting ability. Great quality dried flowers, when kindly cared for, can last from several months to several years! This means that the stunning arrangements hand-crafted for you can stick around and continue to brighten your day. The availability of your favourite flowers is also guaranteed when choosing dried flowers – waiting for the changing seasons is no longer necessary as they are available throughout the entire year. Because of their availability and long-lasting quality, dried flowers make the perfect investment for your home décor and even as an enduring gift for a loved one.  


Low Maintenance

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not require watering or feeding or any other form of care. They are perfect as they are and require no effort to maintain their beauty – which is helpful for those who struggle to correctly maintain fresh flowers and plants. As they don’t require any maintenance, the possibilities of changing up and personalising your arrangement are endless. The opportunity to change, add and evolve your dried flower arrangement is so easy and care-free. It means that you can allow your creativity to take hold when designing and updating your arrangement.  


Fantastic Value For Money

Due to their longevity, dried flowers are of great value for money. They may be more expensive than fresh flowers – which varies from vendor to vendor – but their quality is exquisite. The fact that dried flowers continue to look beautiful day-in and day-out makes the price worth it, especially when considering that fresh flowers can last just over a week in comparison to dried flowers which can last for years.  


Extremely Sustainable

Another valuable feature of dried flowers is their sustainability! They are 100% natural and biodegradable, meaning that they are eco-friendly and great for the environment. They are also sustainable as they are much less wasteful than fresh flowers, which last a significantly shorter length of time than dried flowers

At Suncoast Flowers, we pride ourselves on the magnificent arrangements and bouquets that we hand-craft for you from our lovely array of flowers. Specialising in florals for any occasion, we love helping to spark joy through both our fresh and dried flowers. 

Visit our Sunshine Coast Florist to enjoy our vast array of flowers or contact us with any enquiries about any services we can provide for you.

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