Custom Flower Arrangements Sunshine Coast

Looking for a way to make your wedding unforgettable? We provide custom flower arrangements Sunshine Coast couples can rely on to create the perfect backdrop for their big day. No matter what style, theme or budget you’re considering, Suncoast Flowers can create beautiful flower arrangements that look, and smell, amazing.

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Experienced Wedding Florists

Although most people tend to think of the flower arrangements at the wedding venue when they think of wedding flowers, the reality is that flowers are used in a number of different ways. When you use us for your wedding flowers, we can also provide flowers for:

  • bridal bouquets,
  • buttonholes,
  • floral crowns,
  • table decor,
  • flowers for the car, carriage or other transport,
  • floral arbours

If you would like custom wedding florals (such as decorated seating for the happy couple, decorations for carriage-pulling horses to wear or a floral adornment for a truck, boat or another item that’s unique to you as a couple), please reach out to us and we would love to help.

Wedding Flowers To Complement Your Theme

Flowers are a perfect way to express your individual taste and preferences when it comes to your wedding. With such a wide range of colours, textures and shapes available, it’s possible to transform the venue with the right choice of flowers.

If you tell us what theme or palette your aiming for, we can provide plenty of suitable options. Alternatively, tell us what flowers you’d like and we can create an arrangement that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

From summer weddings through to winter weddings, vintage weddings, boho weddings, formal weddings, rustic weddings or themed weddings, our talented team are passionate about creating floral displays that showcase your aesthetic.

Floral Fragrances

Flowers don’t just look amazing, they also smell fantastic! Chosen wisely, flowers can provide a subtle fragrance that can transform your wedding venue.

Whether you want a light, delicate fragrance, or prefer a more lingering option, we can customise your flowers to provide a scent that matches the mood you want to convey.

Alternatively, if you want flowers with minimal fragrance, we can use varieties that meet you requirements.

Say It With Flowers

The language of flowers was a popular way for couples to convey messages to each other without saying a word. If you would like flowers that say, “I love you”, “Yours forever” or even, “You’re a flame in my heart!”, we can select a flower that has this traditional meaning attached to it.

Some couples love the fact they can send a secret message to each other on their wedding day, hiding in plain sight in their flower arrangements or personal flower adornments.

To start planning your perfect wedding flowers, get in touch with the team at Suncoast Flowers on 07 5438 8055.

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