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Floral Meaning: The Secret Language of Flowers

16 July
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Today, flowers are a thoughtful gift, a way to say ‘thank you or ‘I’m thinking of you.’  However, did you know that flowers have a whole secret language of their own?

Throughout history, though mainly in the nineteenth century, each flower had a different meaning, allowing a bouquet to communicate numerous messages at once.

Let’s look at some of the popular flowers from our store and uncover their floral meanings.


Why Do Floral Meanings Matter?

Specific colours and shapes evoke different emotions from us. So, each flower adds a unique combination of emotional significance that people have attributed to floral types throughout the centuries. Even the biblical Song of Songs attributes particular meanings to different floral and fauna as symbols of love.

Flowers often mark a special occasion or event. In fact, according to a survey from GoPeople, the most common occasions for people to purchase flowers include Christmas/Hanukkah (30%), Mother’s Day (24%), and Valentine’s Day (20%).

So, understanding what each flower in a bouquet symbolises can add depth and heartfelt meaning to your gifts and home decorations.



A red tulip is a traditional symbol for perfect love, making it an ideal alternative to your classic red rose.

Meanwhile, white tulips have a common association with forgiveness, so they can be an excellent way to say you are sorry. Yellow tulips, however, denote cheerfulness and can bring joy to any occasion.



As a tropical flower, many parts of the world have considered the orchid a luxury flower, indicating great affection and reverence when offered as a gift.

Some have even associated their delicate shape with fertility too.



While roses are often associated with love and romance, their meaning can differ depending on their petal colour. For example, a red rose symbolises a pure and lovely romance, while a white rose suggests innocence and purity. Yellow roses commonly signify friendship, while pink roses express sincere gratitude.

The rose also continues to be the most popular flower worldwide, with over one-third of Australians citing it as their favourite flower.



The lily has numerous meanings, the most common of which is wishing the sender a return to happiness, making them an ideal present to a friend or loved one if they’ve had a tough time recently.

In some cultures, lilies have also symbolised virtue and beauty, forming the meaning behind the English name “Lilly”.



We often send sunflowers to bring a smile to someone’s day, especially in those warmer summer months. But did you know that sunflowers symbolise adoration and loyalty?

This connotation comes from the Greek myth of Clytie and Apollo from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, where Clytie transforms into a flower that always faces the sun after her adoration for the sun god Apollo.


Send Your Meaningful Message Today

If you’d like to send a thoughtful bouquet filled with floral meaning, then call 07 5438 8055  today.

We can curate a custom bouquet as a gift for someone, for your home or even for wedding events, each with a unique message stored inside!

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