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Everything You Need To Know About Dried Florals

15 September
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What are dried florals?

Dried flowers are rapidly becoming popular for wedding arrangements and tasteful gifts for a range of occasions, but they didn’t just become popular overnight.

Throughout history (before plumbing and other technologies) dried flowers have been used to perfume rooms and even people while looking decorative as well. Now they are experiencing a renaissance because of their aesthetic appeal, their affordability and the fact they last much longer than fresh flowers.

To create dried florals, all you have to do is let nature do the work when drying most types of flowers. If you leave flower blooms in a cool, low-humidity room for a day or two, you can dry them just by placing them in a vase with sturdy stems. You’ll likely get better results if you hang the flowers upside down, so they don’t droop.

You can reap many benefits from the use of dried flowers over fresh flowers, such as:

  • Dried flowers last longer
  • They have very low maintenance needs – they don’t require water, recutting of stems, or flower food.
  • They are great for people with hay fever or allergies since they don’t contain pollen
  • No seasonal constraints – dried flowers are available year-round
  • You can dye them any colour you prefer
  • Dried flowers can be prepared much further in advance
  • Essential oils can be added to dried flowers to make them more fragrant

How long do dried florals last?

Generally, dried flowers can last for one year if they are correctly cared for. It is possible, however, for flowers to last longer if they are bleached and dyed.

To get the longest life out of your dried flowers, keep them away from water and direct sunlight, keep them in a dry space and use a feather duster to keep them clean.

Are dried flowers more expensive?

There are a few reasons why dried flowers work out to be the same price as fresh flowers. Firstly, they are much smaller, so more plants are needed to create the same size bouquet, even though they cost a little less per stem. In addition, dried flowers tend to break more than fresh ones when handled, so your florist will need to factor in damages to their orders.

Are dried flowers worth it?

Absolutely. Aside from looking fantastic, dried flowers are going to last much longer than fresh flowers, and they can be re-used, displayed or given away as a memento or keepsake.

Are dried flowers dead?

Yes. Drying flowers completely dehydrates them, and they will no longer grow or sprout new leaves or flowers if they are placed in water.

Why do my dried flowers smell bad?

Flowers that have been dried or preserved should not have a bad smell to them. However, excess moisture may be present when the flowers are packaged if they haven’t been dried out or preserved correctly. This may result in a musty odour.

Do dried flowers attract bugs?

Insects and moths can be attracted to dried flowers as they make a lovely meal to them. Lightly spray your bouquets with insecticide to keep them away.


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