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Dried Flowers For Weddings

04 April
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Dried flowers supplied by Suncoast Flowers can suit all different styles of wedding décor. When you’re planning your wedding concept and design, consider these ideas.


Dried Wedding Florals

Vintage Chic

Whether you’re decorating a table or designing your bouquet, it’s hard to go wrong with the traditional feel of dried flowers. A posy of pastel pink flowers can be echoed throughout the room with tiny posies placed in glass jars on each table.

This is a sweet way to provide a vintage look, and less fussy than hiring props to recreate a bygone era.


Country Charm

Imagine lovely swathes of dried grasses and sunflowers for your bouquet. Dried flower table arrangements can provide an authentic look to your reception area and a stunning decoration for the bridal table.

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to marry in an old homestead owned by our family – if you’re planning on a country-style wedding, dried flowers and grasses are a clever way to replicate the feel of rustic romance. Tufts of wheat create lovely buttonholes for the groom’s party and a single sunflower makes a cost-effective and dramatic posy for your bridesmaids.


Australian Pride

We love our country, and native style has never been more popular. Add a truly Australian vibe to your bridal bouquet with stunning dried waratahs. Waratahs are available in a variety of colours – try gold or pink – and the best part is that you get to keep your lovely bouquet for years to come!

Continue this theme with pressed eucalyptus leaves to decorate the tables.


Modern Love

Dried flowers can provide good value for money when a flair for the dramatic is required. Towering branches, fans created from palm leaves or fluffy grasses can be a simple way to create a dramatic centrepiece or decoration for your reception area and can provide an excellent backdrop for your party.

Guest will know they’re in for something special when they see large displays decking out the room. For a bouquet, lilies and chrysanthemums look modern and clean, or gold roses can provide a contemporary choice. If you’d like to add colour, purple-tinged hyacinths can add a pop of colour against a white and green backdrop.


Hamptons Escape

The Hamptons look – a combination of ocean vibes and classic styling meets our wish to escape to seaside glamour. For brides looking to create the feel of a Hamptons getaway, this can be easily incorporated into dried flowers. Choose luxurious ivy, cascading greenery and crisp white blooms in rattan wrapped vases for the table to create a beachy theme.

For bridesmaids, you may even like to forego the traditional posy and include a flower crown in white, which looks amazing against a tan. Your friends will get to keep these lovely reminders of your special day long after the party has ended.


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Speak to Suncoast Flowers to make your wedding dreams come true, and you and your dried flower bouquet will live happily ever after.

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