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Which Flowers Are Suitable For Which Occasion?

20 November
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Which Flower Do I Choose?

Want to take a bunch of flowers to a particular occasion, but are not sure which are the best for that situation? If you are trying to find out how to get the absolute best from your flower selection, then you should talk to the experts at Suncoast Flowers today.


A flower style for a wedding

The fashion for choosing a particular flower for wedding celebrations varies each year. The majority of couples choose roses or peonies, which are generally considered to be two of the most popular options for weddings. However, if you want something more unusual, or want to give your friends a unique gift, then you might choose Amaryllis, which means determination and love, Gardenias which symbolise joy and hydrangeas which are connected to heartfelt emotion.


A flower for Valentine’s Day

This is another extremely popular occasion to give a bouquet and there are plenty of options when it comes to picking a particular flower for Valentine’s Day. Of course, roses are always going to top the list, with red roses meaning passion, yellow roses meaning friendship and white roses meaning pure love. You might choose primroses, which suggest a new love or new beginnings. You can talk to Suncoast Flowers about the best choice for these occasions.


Blooms for birthdays

A bouquet can be a popular birthday gift too. Yellow roses are often chosen as they symbolise friendship, but you can also choose chrysanthemums which mean sharing, carnations which mean gratitude and geraniums, which mean true friendship.


Mother’s Day flower options

If you want to pick the perfect flower for a Mother’s Day bouquet, you might want to go with her favourite floral choice, or you may prefer some of the more standard gifts. Lily of The Valley is always immensely popular, or dwarf sunflowers mean adoration and yellow tulips also associated with Mother’s Day gifts. Suncoast Flowers can help you choose the perfect bouquet.


A bouquet for Christmas

If you want to have a floral decoration at Christmas time, then you might choose a red poinsettia, Christmas roses, or holly. Any of these options can brighten up your table at Christmas.


Talk to us about bouquets

If you are looking for the perfect flowers for a particular occasion, then you need to speak to the experts at Suncoast Flowers. To find out more about the gifts that we have to offer, reach out to us now online or call us on 07 5438 8055 now.

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