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Find The Perfect Gift For Your Partner

15 April
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Expressing gratitude and love through the act of gift-giving is one of the most wonderful and pleasurable acts we can experience. Finding the perfect gift for your partner can be difficult, especially when the occasion may not be your ‘typical’ gift-giving event. Our expert florists and gift givers are here to help! There are a few questions that need to be answered before purchasing a perfect gift for your loved one, these include:

  1. Does my partner prefer practical gifts?
  2. Would my partner want a decorative gift?
  3. Is there something symbolic of our love that my partner would appreciate?
  4. Does the occasion for gift giving require a certain type of gift (i.e if it’s Valentines Day, is your loved one expecting a traditional present such as chocolates or flowers)?

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to start hunting for the ideal present. Below are some perfect gifts ideas to get your plans rolling into action.  



If your partner would like a gift that holds both practical, decorative and symbolic purpose, you may wish to consider buying your loved one some flowers. Flowers provide a beautiful scent to a home while decorating the space too. Flowers have historically acted as symbols of emotions that cannot easily be expressed.

During the Victorian Era, many guide books were published regarding the decoding of emblematic messages attached to the giving of flowers. For example, bluebells were symbolic of kindness, and tulips representative of passion. A red chrysanthemum was demonstrative of love, and white clover simply communicated, “think of me”.

Victorians even allowed a gift of a flower to act as a response to a question. While we no longer practice flower-giving with such specific meaning, this beautiful present remains wonderfully symbolic of love, affection and kindness in our modern era. Perhaps, you could even choose a flower that has historically represented your emotions, so as to add a personal touch.  


Candles & Mugs

If your partner loves more practical gifts for birthdays or special occasions, perhaps a mug with an endearing message would work a treat? Mugs can also be detailed with designs and words that communicate your emotions and sentiments to your loved one. In this way, mugs can act as a more personal gift, from you to your partner. Wanting a gift that will both symbolically and decoratively lavish your partner?

Candles are also a wonderful option. Before purchasing, you will want to consider whether he/she prefers certain scents and colours. Anniversary gifts are often associated with different colours, so it’s a good idea to purchase a gift with a jewel that reflects the relevant anniversary year. For example, a first-year anniversary is symbolised by gold, while a 20th year anniversary is symbolised by emerald green. Beautiful smelling candles are always an easy, perfect gift for “welcome home” occasions or Christmas gifts.


Whether it’s a birthday celebration, anniversary party or simply a day where you want to celebrate your partner, Suncoast Flowers can provide you with the perfect gift. Check out our range of florals and gifts here.

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